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♥ ♪ ϊ'м иδт сяαzγ....

ενεяγδиε εlѕε ϊѕ!! ♥ ♪

♪+♫=♥ ↔ x_сяαzγδиε_x ↔ ♪+♫=♥


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Purple is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

Love is never wrong
brought to you by the isLove Generator

♥Angelina is uber sexy love♥

♥Amy Lee is Love.♥

♥Carrie Underwood is Idol love♥

Dido is Love.

♥Foamy is creamy cheesy love♥

♥pegasus are magical love♥

♥Friesians are spirited love♥

♥Arabians are inspiring love♥

♥Sugar is twinkle love♥

♥Ai Yori Aoshi is romantic love♥

♥MizuhoxKei is secret couple love♥

♥Love Hina is love♥


For credit, hover over the images.  If this is not ok, please let me know and I will put the credit below the image.
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